What is a corporate health plan?

We offer two types of health cash plan here at Plutus Health – personal cash-back plans and corporate schemes. So what is a business health plan, and does your workplace need one?

Well, in short – yes, it probably does! A corporate health plan helps your staff with the cost of routine appointments, such as going to the dentist, optician or physiotherapist. Offering health benefits can be an ideal way of attracting and retaining good employees, so read on to find out more about the benefits of looking after your team’s wellbeing! 

The benefits of a corporate health plan

Our health cash plans help to look after your employees and promote the importance of health and wellbeing at work. A cost-effective alternative to private healthcare, they give your staff cash back when they have dental and optical check-ups and treatment, as well as appointments such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture. 

In addition, cover can include a maternity benefit payable following birth at home or in hospital, specialist medical fees, health screening and a personal accident payment for a range of accidentally-incurred injuries.

Good health perks are one of the surest ways to create a happier and healthier workforce. Suitable for both private and NHS patients, a corporate health plan is an excellent way of incentivising and rewarding members of staff, as well as reducing sick days. You might decide to offer the plan to senior managers only, or to your entire workforce. Either way, we know that every business is different and will personalise the plan to ensure the benefits perfectly suit your team. 

With employee wellbeing firmly on the agenda and happiness at work linked to increased productivity and creativity, here are just some benefits of taking out a corporate health plan:

Easier recruitment

The more benefits you offer – and the more attractive those benefits are – the more applications you’re likely to receive for each advertised post, allowing you to select the best!  

Reduced absenteeism

According to the Office for National Statistics, problems such as back and joint pain are responsible for around a fifth of staff absences. Establishing a corporate health plan scheme that covers treatments such as chiropractic and acupuncture can help achieve a more efficient workforce and address health issues before they get worse.

A happier workforce

A study by the Social Market Foundationindicated that happiness is linked to effort and productivity, with happiness boosting productivity by 20%. Providing a corporate health plan can boost employee happiness by reassuring your team that you care and, in turn creating a supportive and nurturing workplace atmosphere. 

To find out more about our corporate health plans, get in touch with the Plutus Health team on 01633 266152 or at admin@plutushealth.co.uk

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