Train your brain in positive mental attitude

Train your brain in positive mental attitude

It’s widely acknowledged that we can all be more successful in life when we have a positive attitude to the challenges it can often throw at us. And while a naturally optimistic outlook is not something we are all necessarily born with, it is something we try to adopt and learn. But how?

Make notes

It’s easy to dwell on our problems and anything that went wrong during our day, but this unhelpful habit can be broken with a simple technique allowing us to filter out unnecessary negative thoughts. Writing lists of your thoughts in a notebook will help to remove the problem from your mind and release it.

And don’t just focus on the problems, write down all the good things that happened during your day as well, allowing you to see the many undoubtedly positive elements of your life, alongside some of the more troublesome. It’s about balance.

Happy = healthy

Studies have shown that optimistic people are not only more resistant to the common cold, but are also less likely to die from cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung conditions or infections. The reason for this is that optimists tend to take better care of themselves and as a result lead a healthier life. If that’s not a reason to start thinking more positively we don’t know what is!

Get active

The benefits of exercise are endless and thanks to the release of endorphins (the happy hormone!) active people are generally more positive. Exercise is also a great way of releasing tension and stress; helping to start or finish the work day in the right frame of mind.

Don’t take your work home

Some people really struggle to switch off after a day in the office, possibly checking emails and often taking work home to do after dark. This, of course, leaves no time to relax and unwind, which is an essential element if cultivating a positive mental attitude.

Separating work and home life might sound simple, but during very busy working weeks it can be hard to drag yourself away from the screen. Take an active approach to cutting off from work when you step through your front door – turn off your phone, or leave your laptop at the office. Give yourself some time to rest in the evening and start work the next day with a much fresher and healthier mind.

Andy Wilkins is CEO of Plutus Health

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