Sleeping in the Heat

Sleeping in the Heat

Having trouble sleeping during the heatwave? Here are some tips to help you sleep during the warmer weather. Sleep is one of the most important things when it comes to our health, mood, and productivity. However, for many people this summer – especially during the UK’s recent heatwave – sleeping in the sweltering heat can be very difficult. Here are ten tips from Plutus Health CEO Martin Ricketts to help you sleep better during the warmer months.


Cool and comfortable

Hot water bottles are a saving grace in the winter months, but how can they be a cooling comfort in the summer? Fill your water bottle with cold water and leave it in the freezer for an hour before bed. This bed-friendly ice pack will be sure to keep your temperature at bay during the night.

Choose cotton

Loose cotton pyjamas or sleepwear will be your attire of choice during the warmer evenings. Cotton absorbs sweat and is breathable, allowing you to sleep more comfortably. Another tip? Swap your flannel sheets for light-coloured 100% cotton to keep you cool all night.


It may seem retro, but it is an old trick in the book that never seems to fail; place a bowl of ice in front of a fan. The fan will blow cool air onto the ice and will instantly refresh your bedroom.

Fast relief

In need of fast relief of the sweltering heat before you climb into bed? Run cold water on your wrists, elbows, ankles and the back of your knees. This quick and easy fix is also a great trick when you’re in the office and in need of a cool down.

Chilled cloth

The human body’s heat is measured by the hypothalamus in the neck. Regulate your temperature before bed by laying two wet and rinsed face cloths in the freezer. Let the face cloths sit in the freezer for just under an hour, take out and fold into a small square. Place one of the face cloths onto your forehead and the other on the back of your neck before getting into bed.

Green Tea facial spray

Cool your face and bring down redness with a home-made green tea facial spray. Brew 1 cup of organic green tea and place in the fridge until chilled. Mix 1-part water with 1-part tea and place into a spray bottle. Not only will this spray cool you down, it is great for your skin!

Shade it out

During the day, be sure to close all blinds and curtains shielding the interior of your home from the warm sun. When the sun sets, open the windows and place fans directly underneath. The cross breeze will release the warm air from your home, and the fans will create circulation for fresher and cooler air before you sleep.

Two-storey troubles

Hot air rises, so if you live in a two-storey flat or home with your bedroom on the upper floor, make sure you’re getting as much air circulation upstairs as possible. Get those windows open or fans switched on!

Celebrate cold feet

Did you know your feet are one of the human body parts that are most affected by heat? With multiple pulse points, your feet can have a huge influence on your body temperature. Before bed, dip your feet into a cool ice bath to regulate your overall temperature.


Phones, appliances and other devices release heat when in use or when on charge overnight. Reduce heat in your home by unplugging and turning off devices when not in use.

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Martin Ricketts is CEO of Plutus Health



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