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The decision was taken to undertake a complete re brand of the Gwent Hospitals Contributory Fund organisation.

This was largely down to the fact that we wished to revitalise the look of a 175 year old healthcare brand with an image that was in keeping with the modern healthcare and financial marketplace. We also were keen to remove the geographical limitations associated with our name. After all, we are a national company and we wanted our brand to live up to the excellent reputation of our products and services.

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Incorporated as a not for profit company limited by guarantee as The Gwent Hospital Workmen’s and Contributory Fund.
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NHS came into being with free health care for all. However, the fund continued to provide members with reimbursement for dental and optical treatments, prescriptions and a range of hospital and health care benefits.
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1839 The Beginning

The Fund founders committed to helping those in need to have access to the very best healthcare available.
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