October 2016 Newsletter

Taking pro-active steps to reduce your cholesterol

In honour of National Cholesterol Month, Plutus CEO Andy Wilkins explains how to avoid the risks associated with high cholesterol, and offers some tips that could save your life.

So what exactly is cholesterol? 

Cholesterol is a fatty, waxy substance known as a ‘lipid’. It is produced in the liver and carried in the blood by proteins. Despite its negative associations we all need some cholesterol to be healthy; it is vital in producing Vitamin D and bile for digestion.

When combined with blood in the arteries it forms either high density protein or low density lipoprotein. It is the latter which is considered the unhealthier form, unlike high density protein which actually has protective health qualities, by carrying cholesterol away from the cells to be broken down in the liver. For a healthy level of cholesterol, it is important for individuals to keep their daily intake of saturated fat below 20g (women) and 30g (men).

As a result of diets high in LDP and trans-fats (found at high levels in processed foods such as biscuits, pies, ice-cream and fried foods), health problems associated with high cholesterol are set to become more and more prevalent. According to the 2015 Welsh Health Survey nearly 60% of all adults in Wales are overweight, leading to an increase in type 2 diabetes; 7% of adults in Wales are now suffering from the disease and 20% from high blood pressure.

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Memorial fund scholarship will support training for hospice nurses

A scholarship fund established in memory of lifelong Gwent health supporter Trevor Gray will be used to help support end of life care training for hospice nurses.

The Trevor Gray Scholarship Fund will assist with educational courses in conjunction with Gwent-based end of life charity St David’s Hospice Care.

Trevor Gray, JP, MBE, who died aged 66 in 1985, was company secretary of the Gwent Hospitals Contributory Fund for 36 years and a lay board member for Wales for the General Medical Council.

The scholarship will also be used to help strengthen links between the Aneurin Bevan Health Board, St David’s Hospice Care and Plutus Health, formerly Gwent Hospitals Contributory Fund.

Money will further be used to assist St David’s Hospice Care to establish its new education centre, to be called The Trevor Gray Education Centre.

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“Corporate Health Plans”

Protect your workforce

At this time of year, you might see a rise in absences in the workplace as colds and flu mean that desks remain empty for a day or two. Protect the health of your staff by investing in a Plutus Corporate Health plan and enjoy a happy and healthy workforce this winter.

“Featured Service”

Personal Accident

With a Plutus Health plan you can claim towards the cost of day surgery, payable for minor surgical procedures.

Being mindful

As a society we are all so caught up in the day to day minutiae of real life. Whether its stressful work deadlines, or family responsibilities, a lot of us have got far more on our plate than we can realistically handle. In a bid to tackle this incessant grind our CEO Andy looks at easy ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine, enabling you to become more aware of the present moment. Read more here.

“Health Tips”

Flu Jab

As we head into the winter months, take some positive action in protecting yourself against colds and flu, which are far more prevalent at this time of year. Book an appointment at your GP to get a flu jab and hopefully enjoy an illness-free winter. For more information on whether you should get the flu jab, click here.


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