July 2016 Newsletter

Vaccines: know your stuff before jetting off

Here, Andy Wilkins, CEO of Plutus Health runs through the most common vaccinations required, so you can have a stress-free holiday.

Getting the right vaccine before going on holiday could be the difference between a relaxing break and becoming very unwell while you’re away. Certain diseases are more common in some parts of the world than others, which is why it’s important to get to grips with what vaccine you’ll need depending on where you’re travelling to.

When should I get my vaccine? 

Ideally, you should book to have your vaccines at least six to eight weeks before going away. But if time has got the better of you, it’s still worth checking with your health practitioner as some vaccines, particularly those preventing malaria, can be given at short notice. If you require a course of vaccines but don’t have time to take the full course, still seek medical advice from a travel nurse as some protection is better than none.

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Go ‘low’ when it comes to your exercise routine

It’s not news to any of us that plenty of exercise is the basis of a healthy lifestyle, but not many people realise that too much of one type of exercise can actually be damaging rather than beneficial to our bodies, explains Plutus’ CEO Andy Wilkins.

Workouts can generally be categorised in two ways: high impact or low impact. This refers to the force that the exercise exerts against your joints. While common high-impact exercises include contact sports such as football, rugby or running, there are plenty of low-impact exercises which are just as effective in keeping you fit.

What’s more, a variation of both will ease the strain on your joints, meaning you won’t be at risk of too much ‘wear and tear’. While the temptation is to stick to high-impact exercises that get your heart racing, finding a combination balance with low-impact workouts will leave you with an exercise routine that is both diverse and extremely effective.


Don’t underestimate the power of low-impact exercise like walking, which is not only great for your health but completely free! Walking will help you burn calories and is ideal for getting your heart pumping in a gentle and effective way. Although walking does exert some level of impact on your joints, it’s far less than running. If you have existing problems with your joints, try swapping hard pavements for soft grassy paths where possible, and invest in some quality walking shoes to take the pressure off your soles and support your ankles.

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Summer of sports

We’ve been spoilt for choice already this summer with amazing sporting tournaments, from the Euros to Wimbledon. And with the Olympics just around the corner, there’s no letting up! If all the sport you’ve been  enjoying on TV is inspiring you to get outside and get active, read our blog on how to avoid and treat sports-related injuries here

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With a Plutus Health plan you can claim towards the cost of sight tests, glasses and contact lenses, leaving your eyes in good health.

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Hay Fever

Suffering with hay fever? Our CEO Andy Wilkins has shared his top tips for treating the irritating allergy this summer. Read them here and sneeze no more!


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