Our Corporate Plan

Why Plutus Health?

Plutus Health provides businesses with a corporate health cash plan that will protect your employees and promote the importance of health and well-being within your organisation.

Healthcare benefits are ranked among the most desirable and valuable perks offered to employees in the UK. Health cash plans provide a cost effective alternative to private healthcare and are an excellent means of incentivising and rewarding employees, as well as an effective means of reducing absenteeism.

You can decide whether cover is for your senior management, or your entire workforce, and we can help you structure your plan so that benefits only apply to those employees that you want them to.

At Plutus Health we understand that every business is different and we can tailor a package to suit your individual needs.

How does the Corporate Plan work?


  • Meet with Plutus Health Business Development Manager to discuss your needs and review options available
  • Agree plan and level of cover suitable for your business
  • Agree implementation strategy, timescale and payment options
  • Notify workforce of new employee benefit to be introduced and sign up arrangements – Plutus Health team will assist with this
  • Commence cover


  • Receive notification of new employee benefit
  • Receive details of scheme via employer and/or Plutus Health
  • Complete sign up forms and consider upgrade, signing up partner and children (free under 18)
  • Commence cover
  • Attend your appointment at your dentist, optician or other recognised healthcare practitioner and don’t forget to get an identifiable receipt when you pay for your treatment
  • Send us your completed claim form for hospital related claims or original, identifiable receipt (within 3 months of your date of payment) for those claims where you have paid your practitioner
  • We will send you a cheque to settle your claim, usually within 2 working days

An application form can be downloaded here.

Individuals can also sign up for the Corporate Plan – it’s the same process as with our Personal Plans. Download your Corporate Plan application here.

If as an employer you would rather not sign up to a Plutus Health cash plan for your staff but are happy for your staff to sign up as individuals, then this is an available option. Plutus Health can either work with employers to collect an employee’s monthly contributions via payroll, or directly via direct debit.

Our Corporate Plan and your business

Join our many other businesses and discover what our Corporate Plan could do for your business, including:

  • Improve staff productivity, motivation and morale
  • Present a valuable and tangible employee benefit
  • Help to recruit and retain staff
  • Help to reduce absenteeism and the related costs

Corporate Health Cash Plan Services

With a Plutus Health Cash Plan, you are covered for the following services:

Hospital In-patient – payable for in-patient admission at a registered hospital anywhere in the world
Hospital Day Surgery – payable for minor surgical procedures at registered UK hospitals
Medical Specialist Fees - you can claim towards the cost of medical consultation fees
Dental and Optical - you can claim towards the cost of treatment, check-ups, dentures and repairs, sight tests, glasses and contact lenses
Physiotherapy and Osteopathy – you can claim towards the cost of treatment by a qualified and registered practitioner
Chiropractic and Acupuncture – you can claim towards the cost of treatment by a qualified and registered practitioner
Chiropody and Podiatry - you can claim towards the cost of treatment by a qualified and registered practitioner
Reflexology and Homeopathy - you can claim towards the cost of treatment by a qualified and registered practitioner
Maternity Benefit – payable following birth at home or in hospital
Health Screening – you can claim towards the cost of examinations, tests and screening by medically qualified staff when attending a UK screening facility
Personal Accident – Payable for a range of accidentally incurred injuries

Download Brochure

Please be aware your application and the information you provide will be the basis upon which we agree to cover you.

This is a legally binding contract and is important that your answers are correct. Should you have additional questions or wish to clarify any point then you should not continue with this on-line application until you are satisfied with our responses.