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Our History

In 1839 the Fund founders committed to helping those in need to have access to the very best healthcare available. In 2014 we underwent a major rebrand, and whilst our name may have changed we’ve retained our traditional values and operate under the same ethos we have always done: to provide our customers with affordable healthcare, whatever their means and whatever the financial climate.

Before we were known as Plutus Health, we were called Gwent Hospitals Contributory Fund, a name we held for an incredible 175 years. We were known as Gwent Hospitals Contributory Fund due to our historic connection with the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport, South Wales, which has origins going back to April 1839.

At the time, those who could afford it were encouraged to pay for their own medical treatment rather than relying on charity from others. This dispensary, which evolved into the Royal Gwent Hospital, provided prescriptions and medicines for the people of Newport and was funded by contributions from subscribers and working people in the town. In essence, people were encouraged to join the local health insurance scheme.

Regular meetings were held between subscribers, medical persons, MPs and clergy and soon it became known as the ‘Workmen’s Fund’ which then evolved into Gwent Hospitals Contributory Fund.

Once the NHS was established treatments became free for all, however, the Fund continued to provide members with reimbursement for dental and optical treatment, prescriptions and a range of hospital care

In its 175 year history Gwent Hospitals Contributory Fund helped tens of thousands of members gain access to better health care.

In 2012 the decision was taken to undertake a complete rebrand of the Gwent Hospitals Contributory Fund organisation.

This was largely down to the fact that we wished to revitalise the look of a 175 year old healthcare brand with an image that was in keeping with the modern healthcare and financial marketplace. We also were keen to remove the geographical limitations associated with our name. After all, we are a national company and we wanted our brand to live up to the excellent reputation of our products and services.

In September 2014 Plutus Health was born.

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