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New CEO for Newport health insurance company >

New CEO at Plutus Health 

Living life without medication – positive lifestyle changes you can make >

According to the European drug agency, the UK has become Europe’s drug overdose capital, with nearly a third of all drug overdose deaths occurring on our shores. And although these statistics generally relate to Class A drugs, our nation’s growing dependency on over the counter pain killers means that thousands of deaths can be attributed to their misuse and abuse, the consequences of which should not be underestimated.

Martin Ricketts, Plutus Health’s CEO, explains how we can reduce our over-the-counter painkiller intake by making changes in our lifestyle, diet and looking for alternative options like natural remedies.

Save your sight: simple tips for continued eye health >

Do you often find yourself straining your eyes after looking at your computer screen for too long? Or do your eyes begin to react after you’ve had your contact lenses in all day? We rely on our sight so much, but we can often take for granted how precious our eyes really are.

Andy Wilkins, Plutus Health’s CEO, explains the importance of looking after your eyes. By changing small day-to-day habits, with a real effort to receive regular eye check-ups, you could help keep your eyes healthy for longer.  

Steps to success: how to incorporate more walking into your working day >

One of the most underrated forms of exercise, walking may be simple, but it’s oh so effective. So as the days grow longer and the sun seems to be shining more frequently, what’s stopping you from strapping on your trainers or walking boots and getting out into the great outdoors?

With this in mind Plutus Health CEO Andy Wilkins shares his advice for making June the month for walking, with tips for setting targets and squeezing in regular walking into your typical daily routine.  

Arthritis – everything you need to know >

Stiff joints and painful movements can make arthritis a living nightmare for sufferers. But with the diagnosis age creeping lower and lower, Andy Wilkins, CEO of Plutus Health, provides the need-to-know details to help us all be more aware of the symptoms, as part of Arthritis Care Week (8-14 May). 

That Gut Feeling – simple solutions for improving bowel health >

This month is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month, and with this in mind Plutus Health’s CEO Andy Wilkins, offers sufferers some useful advice on natural solutions for improving your overall bowel health.

Irritable bowel syndrome affects an incredible one in five people in the UK, and is widely regarded as an uncomfortable and, at times, humiliating illness. IBS can have significant impact on a person’s life, completely changing how someone lives day to day and affecting everything from diet, to work, to social life.

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