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The truth behind "health foods" >

Think these “healthy” foods are helping you lose weight? Often not as nutritious as you think, these diet saboteurs are filled with refined sugars and harmful preservatives. Read on to see if some have sneaked their way onto your cupboard shelves, and take a look at Plutus Health CEO, Martin Ricketts’ suggested food swaps.

Plutus' Christmas Opening Times >

Our opening times this Christmas and New Year

7 steps to becoming a morning person this winter >

It’s no secret that your morning routine can make or break your entire day. And with darker mornings, no one would blame you for finding it hard to get out of bed every morning. But if you are in awe of your colleagues’ frosty morning runs and have a habit of hitting snooze, there are steps you can take to become an early riser. Here, Plutus Health CEO Martin Ricketts, shares his advice for transforming yourself into a morning person.

 As daylight hours dwindle this season, make the most of your morning routine by following these simple steps! 

10 tips to beat the blues this winter >

The winter blues, or Seasonal Affective Disorder as it’s more formally known, affects around 2 million people in the UK every year from December to February in most cases. Sufferers will experience symptoms spanning from depression and sleep problems to lethargy and reclusiveness.

If you feel your mood is dropping faster than the thermometer, read these simple tricks from Martin Ricketts, CEO of Plutus Health, suggesting lifestyle changes that will provide a happiness boost and wellness overhaul.

What REALLY happens to your body when you stop drinking alcohol? >

Ever thought of going sober and reaping the health benefits of alcohol abstinence? Then there’s no time like the present. In honour of Macmillan Cancer Support urging the public to put down their drinks and go sober for October, Plutus Health CEO Martin Ricketts shares the health benefits of cutting out alcohol. 

5 tips to getting the whole family eating their 5 a day >

As the school holidays come to a close, parents across the UK are organising school uniform and preparing packed lunches ready for a new academic year, but sometimes, ensuring your kids are getting the nutrition they need packed into their lunch box is a challenge. Martin Ricketts, CEO of Plutus Health gives five tips on getting the whole family to eat their five a day.

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What is a health plan?

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