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How It Works

What is a health plan?

A health plan allows you to claim money back for a variety of everyday healthcare costs including everything from hospital visits, dental and optical care, to maternity benefits and specialist medical fees.

From just over £2 per week we provide you with the peace of mind that money will be available in your hour of need.

For a full list of available services click here for personal plans and click here for corporate plans.

How does a Plutus Health plan work?

Choose your level of cover and payment option and send us your application form, available from the downloads section of this website, or via our head office.

Let us know how you want to pay your premiums. Most of our members regard direct debit from their bank account as the easiest option. We will supply you with a direct debit form on request. However, members can also pay by cash (at our office only) or cheque.

Your employer may offer a payroll deduction scheme so that your contribution will be deducted from your wages and paid to us by your employer with your colleagues. Please ask if this is something you would like to do.

Attend your appointment at your dentist, optician or other recognised healthcare practitioner and don’t forget to get an identifiable receipt when you pay for your treatment.

Send us your completed claim form for hospital related claims or original and identifiable receipt for those claims where you have paid your practitioner. We will send you a cheque to settle your claim, subject to our normal
terms and conditions, usually within 2 working days.

Why should I have a Plutus Health plan?

  • A health plan is ideal for people who want to stay on top of both their health and their finances
  • It allows you to prepare for unexpected costs, as well as covering day to day healthcare needs
  • A Plutus Health plan is a health insurance policy where you don’t need to be ill to be able to make a claim, as it covers everyday routine healthcare procedures like dental checkups and optical tests
  • It’s suitable for private and NHS customers
  • It’s simple to join with no need for a medical, or lots of complicated forms to fill in
  • It’s cheaper than expensive private medical insurance (PMI) policies and you don’t have to wait for a serious health problem to make a claim.
What is a health plan?

What is a health plan?

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